New Mobile Remote Control App

The second generation of the Wi-Light App has been completely redesigned to provide tight integration with the latest versions of Chromateq software and new Ethernet-enabled stand alone devices such as the CQSA-E.

Wi-Light 2 comes with a new look, a slick dark skin and an updated graphical user interface.

A powerful easy-to-use mobile app that enables remote lighting control over a WiFi connection, Wi-Light 2 plays scenes saved on Chromateq stand alone hardware devices and plays shows and audio timelines from the Chromateq software. Wi-Light 2 is faster, manages 5 zones with customizable buttons, and offers handy utilities such as remote adjustment of the time and date of the CQSA-E.

Wi-Light 2 is always free and always available on Google and in the Apple store.

Main App Features

  • Take live control of Chromateq software from a phone or tablet with a WiFi connection
  • Remotely control the CQSA-E 1024 interface in Standalone Mode without a computer via a local network access point (LAN or WLAN)
  • Easily trigger (start/stop) scenes, select zones, choose colors from an RGBW palette, adjust dimmer and speed, blackout, highlight, pause, and directly control individual DMX channels
  • 100% free and available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS


  • Tablet, mobile phone, Android and iOS compatible
  • Automatic WiFi network management
  • Automatic Chromateq software and CQSA-E device discovery
  • Works with both DHCP and static IP addressing
  • Quick access and fast network connection
  • Play 1 scene from your scene list for each zone
  • Take instant control of RGBW color selection
  • Individual DMX channel control and adjustment
  • Hardware selection by IP address and hardware Serial No.
  • Instant slider/button control of global functions: Master Dimming, Black Out, Highlight, Pause
  • Speed adjustment during scene playback

Latest Updates

  • Sleek new “dark” design
  • Immediate fixture control at start-up
  • 5  zones of management across 5 pages of scene memory
  • Play up to 5 scenes simultaneously (1 scene per Zone).
  • Merge scenes from the zones in a single page
  • Modify button icons, colors and text
  • Button display in Grid or List view
  • Manage up to 4 DMX universes
  • General individual channel levels Cut-off
  • Connect multiple CQSA-E devices (32 max.) with the same app
  • Control Pro DMX and Pixxem Audio Timelines
  • Set the time and date of the CQSA-E clock
  • Manual or Automatic IP address and network settings option

Developer Notes

  • Android compatibility: 5.0 and higher
  • Supports DHCP and static IP modes
  • Wi-Light 2 requires an access point (WiFi router) to connect with a computer running Chromateq software or a CQSA-E interface
  • The app uses an open JSON communication protocol to send and receive command data from Chromateq software and CQSA-E
  • Chromateq’s JSON protocol is open to developers and can be used by any app or software when implemented in the code