New Firmware for CQSA-E 1024

New CQSA-E 1024 firmware fixes and updates

Added Art-Net when running in Stand Alone mode from an SD card

Important new CQSA-E features that cost-effectively deliver all the functionality of an Art-Net Recorder: When powering on, the CQSA-E will automatically play saved shows in memory on the SD card, while also looking for Art-Net signals, which allows it to function effectively as a stand alone device, unaffected by cycling power on and off – In Stand Alone mode, will control up to 8 DMX universes when playing back Art-Net shows saved on the SD card, no computer needed. All triggers (buttons, contacts, infrared, clock) are working for Art-Net shows in Stand Alone mode

Added Art-Net NODE (Art-Net-to-DMX decoder and converter functionality)

Improved CQSA-E 1024 Art-Net network configuration in Stand Alone and NODE mode: Define IP address, Subnet mask, and Universes to assign IP, subnet and universe to the CQSA-E 1024 for protocol compatibility.

Added Master/Slave mode

Up to 64 CQSA-E 1024 devices may be combined and synchronized, controlling up to 128 universes.

The new modes are available with the firmware version